BSc and MSc Projects

Research Projects for BSc, MSc and Internship Students

Detailed information on potential research projects for students is available upon request. Typically the daily supervison is provided by a PhD student and/or postdoctoral researcher. Please browse through the different projects that are currently running by using this link. However, other research topics within the scope of the section of Organic Materials & Interfaces and interdisciplinary project can be defined as well.

Overview of Ongoing Projects (WUR / Wetsus)

Lithium Ionophores - Robbert Houtappel (MSc Thesis, Molecular Life Sciences, 2018)

Cation Intercalation Electrodes - Newton Shiiye (MSc Thesis, Watertechnology, 2018)

Overview of Finished Projects (TU Delft)

Capacitive Sensors - Sander Koper (Internship 2016)

Min Wang (MSc Thesis, 2016)

Jelmar Hillebrink (BSc Thesis, 2016)

Morez Jafari (MSc Thesis, 2016)

Measuring the pH of Unbuffered Polyelectrolyte Solutions: Color Indicator vs pH Meter - Jesse van Mullem (BSc Thesis, 2015)

Towards the Recovery of Phosphate using CDI - Lydia Boktor (MSc Thesis, 2014)

PDMS-coated IDE Sensor Platforms: system optimization and characterization for reliable capacitive detection of MTBE at low ppm level in the aqueous phase with a Universal Transducer Interface - Isabelle Aerts (MSc Project, 2011)

Hyaluronan Surface Coatings Patterning and Hydroxyl Apatite Mineralisation - Jesper Koning (BSc Project, 2011)

Polymer-based Chemical Capacitive Multi-array Sensors for the Detection of Organic Water Pollutants - Jochen Rutz (Internship, 2010)

Electrochemical Characterisation of Polymer Surfaces on SiO2 - Monika Barth (Internship, 2010)

Synthesis of Si Nanoparticles and Porous Silicon Layers through Spark Discharge Generation and Inertial Impaction for Sensor and Li-ion Battery Applications - Alper Evirgen (Erasmus Echange Student, 2009)

Preparation and Characterization of Organic Monolayers towards the Formation of Microfluidic Biosensors - Saurabh Srivastava (Summer Internship, 2008)

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